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Over 40 Years Of Probate And Estate Administration Experience

Has a loved one passed away and left you uncertain about what steps need to be taken? Do you need help from an experienced probate attorney?

At Fowler, Doyle, Spiess & Florsch, PLLC, we educate. We counsel. We guide. We comfort. We work hard to make your probate and estate administration a positive one, and lend peace of mind to you and your family while you grieve. When you enlist our services, you will know that your present and future are in the hands of an experienced attorney.

Our advice and assistance in estate and probate matters have led to lasting relationships with clients in the Troy and Albany areas for more than 40 years.

Full Administration And Probate Legal Advice

Our law office handles probate and estate administration from start to finish. We can help:

  • Probate the will
  • Calculate and submit estate and income taxes
  • Liquidate assets
  • Coordinate measures with brokers and transfer agents
  • Reconcile accountings
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries

Leaving Nothing To Chance

We leave nothing to chance as we map your family's future. We work to ensure that the distribution of a decedent's assets and property are explicitly consistent with his or her wishes. We undertake all necessary legal steps and take care of all appropriate documentation for you.

Your family deserves a smooth probate or estate administration process. We will work hard to achieve that goal.

Your Initial Consultation Is Free

Are you looking for solid answers to questions about probate, estate administration, trusts or estate taxes? At Fowler, Doyle, Spiess & Florsch, PLLC, we comfort, counsel, educate and guide you through these proceedings, to the positive outcome we always seek.

Contact us by toll-free phone call today at 866-572-4366. Not sure if you need services or how we can help? Schedule a free initial consultation and we can answer your questions. We serve Troy, Albany and the Capitol District.