What Is Elder Law

What Is Elder Law?

The legal needs of the elderly are many and diverse:

Elder law is more than a set of tasks; it is about who you are serving: older adults. In a sense, elder law is among the most personalized areas of practice. A truly excellent elder law attorney is both technically competent and personally compassionate. At Fowler, Doyle, Spiess & Florsch, PLLC, we believe in serving our aging population with genuine care at all times, and we support you and your loved ones however we can.

Elder law is a comprehensive area of the law, and it can require a wide range of needs. From planning an estate to managing a family home or protecting a vulnerable adult from negligence and abuse, coordinated care is of utmost importance.

In addition to providing legal counsel to the elderly, a qualified elder law attorney may serve a significant function for those planning for retirement and also for families with minor children concerned about the possible implications of the untimely death of a spouse or loved one.