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Are you a family member seeking legal assistance with the drafting of your last will and testament?

Do you also need advice about powers of attorney, and the role they play in your estate planning.

At Fowler Doyle Spiess PLLC, serving Troy, Albany and the entire Capital District, we can help you with every aspect of wills and powers of attorney. We are an estate planning law office you can trust with your current priorities and future goals.

Our team of caring lawyers works hard to see that your wishes are reflected in your will, and that your power of attorney survives any disability you encounter.

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Handling Your Wills And Powers Of Attorney For More Than 30 Years

We make a point of thoroughly explaining what a will can do for you, and some things it cannot. For instance, there are limitations as to what a will can distribute, after your death. It can only dispense assets that are in your name solely, as opposed to those held in trust or others held in joint ownership.

We help you to select your executor, who will carry out the wishes spelled out in your will. Everything that a will does or does not accomplish, we know about at Fowler Doyle Spiess PLLC, and we can explain it to you. Read more on wills.

We will make sure that you think long and hard about the person you name as your agent for your durable power of attorney. This legal device has sweeping powers, entitling that person to act on your behalf financially and legally.

There are also springing powers of attorney and others that can bear the names of more than one agent. Having a power of attorney already created is vastly preferable to the often expensive, unnecessary guardianship proceedings that can result in the absence of one. Read more on powers of attorney.

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